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Thread: Browser inconsistencies

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    Default Browser inconsistencies

    I notice that my site looks great when browsing with IE but few to none of the graphics show up when browsing in Firefox. Anyone else had this problem? Did you figure out what to do to fix it?

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    I suggest you build it using Firefox - and it will then look good in both. IE allows for lots of things Firefox doesn't. And when you can put things in tables - that will keep them from moving around. But even without tables - you need to make sure that you have your elements sized properly for Firefox or it just moves things all around.

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    it could be the security settings in your FireFox browser try revamping the settings to allow active content

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    Default Re: Browser inconsistencies

    Yes build for firefox and there will still be some inconsistancies with other browsers, but for me tend to be so little. Like text boxes may move s small bit.

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