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Thread: Make Worpress Homepage?

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    Default Make Worpress Homepage?

    How do I make Wordpress my home page after it has been installed?

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    Default Re: How do I make Wordpress my homepage???

    I can only assume you are talking about and the installation of Wordpress you have been having issues with ever since trying to install.

    I suggest you delete your failed manual installation of Wordpress on this Add-On Domain, and re-install it using auto-install feature available via Fantastico (in your hosting account's cPanel). This is still the only way to install Wordpress foolproof and with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

    When installing Wordpress using Fantastico, simply select the proper Add-On Domain ( from the drop-down directory selection box to assure it is installed on the Root Directory (public_html/) and thus become the default installation for that Add-On Domain.

    This way, whenever you use a browser to visit, the Wordpress 'index' page will display as it should.

    * If you need help deleting the manually installed Wordpress (databases, etc.), be sure to review all the Control Panel Video Tutorials to preface your ability. Last case scenario is to throw yourself upon Customer Support to straighten things out ...

    HOWEVER ... if you are referring to making "" the Primary Domain on your hosting account rather than an Add-On Domain, well, that is something rarely done, but needs be requested directly with Support.

    But you already knew this not to be a Forums issue, yes?
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