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    Default Multiple page navigation


    Please may I ask you to look at my website page

    As you can see at the bottom of each page I am trying to make a navigation system similar to google search results.
    However, to make it easier for the user to see which page they are currently on, I am trying to distinguish the numbers.
    I have tried to edit the ACTIVE link but it doesnt seem to work the way I anticipated.

    Has anybody got any ideas on how I can achieve the google type nav please?

    Many thanks,

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    Default Re: Multiple page navigation

    Please learn to use the Forums Advanced Search more effectively, Brian, or better yet, use the Search Tool in the WIBYA toolbar. You will find them essential to being able to find solutions and tips that enable you to continue to work independently.

    Study these two threads for a better understanding, and if needed, review the Tutorials to master the specific skills required to implement the methods discussed:
    > About Breadcrumb Navigation
    > More About Breadcrumb Navigation ("Google Style")
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