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Thread: PayPal price based on size drop down but need postage per item not per order

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    Question PayPal price based on size drop down but need postage per item not per order

    Hello everyone

    I am selling an item and using paypal I have a drop down with various sizes and price is per size when I add to cart the postage is not calculation per item. What code would I need to input to have postage per item. I can get it to work when just one option available but findings where I have multi options available its not calculating per item.

    can anyone help.
    I would be truly thankful.

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    Default Re: PayPal price based on size drop down but need postage per item not per order

    What is the URL of your site? Are you using a shopping cart, or adding PayPal to a BlueVoda created website??

    The PayPal Drop-Down List 'Button' is meant to show options for same-style and same-proiced items only, such as colors of a shirt (for example), and not for different priced items of the same style as might be seen as "Coffee #1: 6oz=$1, 12oz=$2, 24oz=$3, 32oz=$4", etc.

    If you want to vary shipping costs item-to-item, you'll need to create custom payment buttons through PayPal for each individual item (usually as unique Add To Cart) that specific Shipping Costs can be preset for individual items. Custom Buttons also allow you to apply individually the various shipping costs to items that you configure at PayPal for single Button use only (not List): Shipping1, Shipping2, etc.

    The alternative is to maintain your Drop-Down List that simply retains your 'Standard' flat shipping fee with the extra charges for heavier items added into the sales price as a 'Surcharge' that needs be disclosed in the Item description: "Includes $4.75 S/H Surcharge"

    Your List might look something like this:
    Coffee #1 6oz $1 ... (and Product description states 'Standard S/H Applies')
    Coffee #1 12oz $2 ... (and Product Description state 'Standard S/H Applies')
    Coffee #1 24oz $5.50 ... (and Product Description states 'Standard S/H Applies; $2.50 Surcharge Included in Price')

    You get the idea.

    OR ... have ALL shipping charges pre-added to the Price and do not "charge" as added fee any Shipping .... but this also must be broken down and clearly stated in the Product Item Description to meet legal requirements.
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