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Thread: Placing PAYPAL 'Buy now' button next to image

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    Default Placing PAYPAL 'Buy now' button next to image


    I am building a webpage and placed an image of a bottle of oil where I want it to be. Then I went to the PAYPAL website and built a payment button which consists of a drop down listbox with the number of litres of olive oil the customer wants to buy and it's associated price. It appears right at the topleft hand corner of the webpage and not too the right of the image. The PAYPAL code I have inserted in the "End of Body" section of the PAGE HTML properties and the image code is in the "Start of Page" section. How do I manipulate it for the PAYPAL button to be to the right of the image?

    Also when the customer clicks on the choice on the listbox it hides the "Add to Cart" button. Ideally it would be better if the listbox was always displayed with its list. How do you do that please?

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    Default Re: Placing PAYPAL 'Buy now' button next to image

    You need to paste the generated Button Code into a BlueVoda HTML Box, which you can then re-position on your BlueVoda page as desired. You do not need to paste code into the page code itself.

    You can use the X-Y Axis Position Plotter (bottom right-hand of the workpane) to precisely position anything within the active BlueVoda page, keeping in mind the points registering in the X-Y Plotter correspond to the upper-left corner only of any object selected.

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