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    Ok this is my first post on this forum, usually voda is great at having the videos for what I need, but this is one I cant find the answer for.
    I built a website for a customer,

    They currently have another site they pay Google 500.00 a week to have at the top of the page.
    they only have like 4 competitors, so I'm thinking it could be easy to do that without paying google.
    We built the new site, and now we want traffic without paying for it..
    So the other competitors, have not good at all go-daddy sites, they show up put there content NEVER changes,
    I have never done anything with word press, and think integrating a blog on the site would be awesome for seo.
    So how, I want it on out about us page, I want to be able to email the daily updates, so they go straight to the site.

    Im not trying to do not black seo thingy, I want to do this so Google sees that our content changes allot, and that it might be more beneficial to the googler..

    So I guess the question is how do I make a part of my about me section just for a blog while still keeping what I have on the page.

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    Lightbulb Re: wordpress help

    It sounds as if you are trying to figure out how to "deliver" a website that can be updated by the "customer" without revealing how you created it using BlueVoda, and that this site is probably being 'hosted' in your personal account rather than in its own hosting account at VodaHost or in a Reseller account as is required by VodaHost's Terms of Service that prohibits "reselling" personal hosting. If the regular server audit discovers that you are indeed hosting Domains or websites that are not yours within your account, your entire hosting account will be automatically and permanently suspended without recourse.
    * You should have created an account for them (either separate personal account, or within a Reseller account you would need to purchase and manage) and then created a site using either BlueVoda (which they can continue to use themselves perpetually, after paying a more modest or reasonable fee for initial creation by you) or by using Wordpress from the beginning (which they would access using the online, web-based Admin Dashboard). There is no other way, and no excuse when your error is discovered -- and it will be.

    There is no platform, including Wordpress, that can be automatically populated with Content via email. It is possible to display Twitter broadcasts on a BlueVoda site as well as Wordpress, but it will always be displayed within the Twitter Box and not in any other manner.

    Using an Inline Frame (iFrame) negates any Content value entirely with regard to optimization and Search Engine recognition, as whatever is "seen" on a page (BlueVoda page or Wordpress page) via iFrame is always attributed to the original source and never as part of the secondary page. In fact, most SE's tend to de-value any page that uses iFrames in any manner whatsoever, so it is important to keep in mind how they are used (ratio of page) and for which reason (never for Content critical for Relevancy) if to not detract from the site's overall valuation.

    Your other "Wordpress integration" misunderstandings were fully addressed in the previous thread >

    If you are considering professional SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts as an extension to continued SEO (Search Engine Optimization) developments as part of a compliant site build, consider the awesome services available from VodaHost at which have long been truly the most cost effective SEM options on the market!
    This site in particular, however, needs a lot more refinement done prior to any promotion, as all the inconsistencies and lack of compliant design will ultimately cause negative valuations to be attributed, and these are difficult to both overcome and "replace" once they become part of the site's cached version.

    You have a lot of work yet to do to building a proper understanding even the basics of both compliant web building and optimization, so it would benefit you greatly to review the many, many threads in these Forums that discuss these topics in great detail.
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