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    Now that Voda has disabled Frontpage extensions I'm researching new ways to edit and update my site. I've had the site about 8 years so there is a lot of content. Is there another way to edit the site with Frontpage or should I change to the Bluevoda? The only experience I have is with the frontpage. If I change to bluevoda how do I access the pages already up? all of the tutorials seem to be if starting a new site with no content.

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    After 8 years, you should already be familiar with how websites are created, and how to access your hosting account's cPanel. If you need to retrieve page files, you can access your hosting account via cPanel to copy down to your local system these files using the Download/Upload feature within cPanel's File Manager. Nevertheless, you should have files archived on your local computer in which you developed your Content, stored your images, and saved other elements of your pages. These local resources should be your first place to find your Content to duplicate your site with.

    BoueVoda is an easy-to-use web builder with which to "duplicate" your website with, and allows you complete freedom of design with little or no experience required. Pay close attention to the Tutorials, as they will enable you to excel using the many included technologies to advantage. BlueVoda emphasizes the foundation of Logic as the primary means to understand and comply with the many processes of internet development, so be careful to not skip any required steps or be tempted to look for (or invent) short-cuts, as they will invariably fail. Also, be keen to study the many threads in the various Forums to pick up on some techniques and insights that will allow you to avoid any pratfalls others have encountered previously.

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