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Thread: Crazy moving happening on web site

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    Default Crazy moving happening on web site

    Hi all,

    Getting very fustrated and it is probably me doing something very wrong. Everytime i publish any pages of my daughters tennis web site things seem to be moving around, titles in the menu bar and not the actual images but the text. Can someone please be able help me and tell me how to fix this problem. i also have images coping themselves, for example, my daughters signature repeated itselve when I added a shape behind her sponsor.
    Elliott Liardo
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    Default Re: Crazy moving happening on web site

    It has been discussed REPEATEDLY that when using BV12 you must not use the SAVE PAGE AS method to create pages (simply saving the page with another page name, which is "re-writing" the previously saved and published page) after changing simply the page content .... each dynamic element (Menus, LightBox, Ad Banner Rotators, Conveyor, Video, etc.) must be individually and uniquely embedded onto pages in order to avoid scripting conflict and other continuity issues such as you are evidently experiencing: this principle also applies to images and their Titles, requiring all images appearing on multiple pages to properly have unique and page-specific Titles, just as proper optimization standards dictate, in order they display as initially designed.

    TO CREATE NEW PAGES you need to use either the CLONE function or create and use a simple Page Template: you can then use the COPY+PASTE method to insert each item on that Template, and THEN use the Save Page function prior to publishing it.

    TO UPDATE OR MAKE CHANGES TO A PREVIOUSLY SAVED PAGE -- published or unpublished -- you must only use the SAVE icon or command to preserve the changes (much different from the SAVE PAGE AS function, which "re-writes" pages entirely and causes conflicts such as duplicated headers,
    continuity breaks, duplicated page code, etc.) and then simply re-publish the page.

    * You might be better off simply re-creating the Pages in question from scratch using the methods outlined above.
    Please be sure to review carefully any of the Tutorials as needed, as they outline in details all the methods and processes required!

    >> BlueVoda WebBuilder Tutorial Library

    >> Complete Web Building Tutorial Archive
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