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    Default Confused Installing WP

    I am wanting to create a blog about ADHD and Bipolar children since I deal with these issues on a personal base! I got the domain name of: as you can see I just created a blank page until I get this up and running!

    Anyways, I am wanting to use Wordpress and download it in CP under Fantastico icon and I think I did that part right (could be wrong, but I can see files uploaded in CP) and then I log into Wordpress admin area and when I find a template I like, I click install and then activate, but here's the problem I am having, when I click customize there is nothing in the right side pane where the template should be! I hope I am making sense.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: I need help

    You do not "download" anything --- you install it on your newly created Add-On Domain, in the Root Directory ("public_html/") according to the detailed instructions outlined in the Tutorial > How to install WordPress via Fantastico in your control panel only if you want your Blog to be the main website for this Add-On Domain (to take the place of a regular website entirely). If this is what you want, once you have properly installed Wordpress to your Root Directory you will need to use BlueFTP to remove the previously published HTML "placeholder" index.html page to avoid conflict with the defaulted Wordpress index.php page.

    On the other hand, if you want to have a BlueVoda website and wish to add a Blog to the website (usually to be the archive for the articles, White papers, News items and such for the company or website), then using Fantastico in your cPanel you will auto-install it in a separate Directory that Fantastico will auto-create for you --- as Wordpress and any other script needs to be completely separate from any other "site" (only one "index" page per Directory of any sort). This auto-creation of a new Directory is explained full in the tutorial above.

    There is nothing for you to "customize" other than applying a new Theme > How to install WordPress template themes.
    Once a chosen Theme is applied, you can then "customize" it (swap out Logos, images, etc.) using the Theme Manager Tools in the Admin Dashboard and by editing he CSS and Style files directly (also in this same Theme Manager Dashboard area).

    You need to focus on developing the habit of following the Tutorials to achieve predictable results that are available.

    > cPanel Tutorials (creating Add-On Domains, etc.)

    > Wordpress Tutorials

    > Complete Tutorial Archive
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