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Thread: How do i add pages to my website?

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    Default How do i add pages to my website?

    i have finally bought my domain name off of blue voda and i dont no how to add pages.

    When i click publish it askes me for a username and a password and i dont no what that is. i have tried my e-mail address and the password that blue voda gave me and it dosent work. i cant find any video totorials on this subject so if there is any can you send me a link?

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    Default Re: How do i add pages to my website?


    If you bought your domain name and signed up for web hosting with BV- you should have received an e-mail from BV with user name / password and FTP IP address info. It is about two pages long. Sometimes it takes a couple days to receive this. If you haven't received this info- on the bottom of the BV web builder - you will see links to the tutorials and there is one for support. Click on that and open a support ticket.

    PHP- is a blast!

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    Default Re: How do i add pages to my website?

    Hi andy
    This is vishu

    As u have said that i should have all the account information, ftp server domain, smtp and all other required stuff and user id and password.

    I have domain name and all the requiredstuff.
    Can u tell me the procedure for uploading the my own pages..
    I have developed some pages in and i want to add those web pages to my website.
    For exaample i have created home.aspx in my .net web application.
    So whn i open a my site say, Home.aspx should be displayed first as the first page of the web page

    My mail id is vishu020******
    If any one reads this msg, try to help me out and mail to my ID with all the needed stuff..


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    Default Re: How do i add pages to my website?

    Hi ...Vishu... Buying a domain is one part... If you have purchased the hosting service they will email all the info about your new hosting account and server access info very soon...Doug

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