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Thread: Defining SEO Links?

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    Default Defining SEO Links?

    I want to Know about Links? What are links in SEO?

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    Lightbulb Re: Can anyone explain?

    Quote Originally Posted by nishasharma1490 View Post
    I want to Know about Links? What are links in SEO?
    Too much to explain here .... do a Google Search to learn more.

    You're using terms regarding "Old SEO" that put more weight on attributable value of influencing SERP (Search Engine Results Page position/rank) by manipulating strategic Traffic-builders such as using Reciprocal Links, Backlinks, and Directed One-Way and/or Outbound Links to create a larger "footprint" to 'mimic' the importance of actual Site Relevance without properly developing it organically. This approach of "faking it until you make it" is exactly why SEO methodology has been refined overall ....

    The "New SEO" is re-focused on Core Concepts of building comprehensive Site Relevancy via optimized Organic Content, Site Build Compliance, and precise Metadata Integration. There are simply too many websites for the Search engines to evaluate to ignore these most important aspects that traditionally have been under-developed or even exploited, so the return to these "basics" and lessening of values on superfluous aspects (such as Link Strategy, Articles, Directory listings, etc.) not only is a "cleaner logic" but a much more sound and fair manner by which to establish a stricter Relevance that is universally discernable and less prone to exploitation or undue manipulation.
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