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Thread: Defining image source

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    Default Defining image source

    How can an image source be defined with the actual location of the image (i.e., or ./images/myimage.jpg) after inserting and image into the editor?

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    You do NOT write in the source of any element when using BlueVoda to create a web page .... you IMPORT elements using the tools provided within BlueVoda, as it automatically associates elements with the proper paths and embeds them in the encrypted files .... when a BlueVoda page is properly published to a VodaHost server only, the page file is automatically un-encrypted and the HTML is generated in perfect format. There is no way to "write in HTML" to a BlueVoda created page, or to "upload" a non-encrypted file directly to any server without processing it via the proprietary Publish function from within BlueVoda itself. Any page file that has not been Published to a VodaHost server and properly un-encrypted will not be functional or visually appear as created.

    Providing the image is properly and actually published, the former manner is correct when creating a direct hyperlink to the image.

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