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    Default Google+1 button

    I've installed a Google+1 button on the index page of my website and it does appear there, but when I click on it, nothing happens. Why?

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    Only three things:
    1. You did not install it properly, and it is not active;
    2. If properly active and you already clicked on it, and therefore "recommended" it to your G+ page (clicking it again will "un-recommend" the page);
    3. You are not logged in to G+, for unlike FB buttons, G+ buttons are "unavailable" to anyone without a G+ account or not logged in.

    * The G+ Share button does not provide a total count of how many people "Like" the page, but only shows a button change to indicate to the individual who is logged into G+ that they have in fact clicked on it previously. When in doubt, check your G+ page to see which sites you have "shared" and/or recommended .... it does not "populate" a status like FB does, but merely adds them to a list that is available for you or visitors to your G+ page to review.
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