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    Default Cart for service business

    I operate a lawn and landscaping company. I am wanting to add an option to my site where the customer can go and locate their invoice and pay their bill.

    I am imaging that I might be able to have a spot where my customer can go to a secure page, open their invoices and pay them. Kind of like I do to pay for my VodaHost hosting.

    Which would be best for me?
    Is there anybody that does this?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Cart for service business

    Of course that's possible, but it will require a lot of custom-coding and a database function to be created especially to do this for you. Then too, there is being able to administrate it regularly ....
    I've not seen this as a regular feature of any Cart script, although there might be some newer Plugin that I haven't evaluated. Nonetheless, it too would be DB-driven, and require a bit more expertise to install and Administrate.

    It is far easier to issue invoices to clients individually and have them pay via PayPal ... which offers this same dashboard function so they can see all invoices sent to them with history of Invoices paid.
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