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Thread: creating a local website on a pc

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    Default creating a local website on a pc

    Hi everybody,

    I like to create a document (website) on my pc, all files are stored in a local folder. Links should work like on a published website. The folder should be moveable and usable. For example, I copy the folder to another computer, open the index file in this folder and all the links keep on working without further tweaks.

    I tried to see if I can use word or pdf files to do it, but it seems an awkward task.

    With BV it's not possible without publishing it.

    Any suggestions on how to tackle this would be highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: creating a local website on a pc

    It is not possible to create a "Local Website," as navigation is a function specifically reserved for the WWW (requiring a valid URL, meaning it must be published to a specific IP on an actual server), evidenced by Preview in BlueVoda being unable to "link" local system only pages and thus not "navigate" between them (no protocol).

    What you describe is a Local Area Network (LAN), which "shares" folders, files, and software on a connection-based configuration using typical OS commands and tools. Do a Google Search to learn what is required for you to set one up on your specific system.

    A general "PC How-To" with pictographs can be found here >
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