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Thread: Many domain- one page? Email?

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    Question Many domain- one page? Email?

    I have one page already.


    I woult like to move it to blue voda, but rename to

    Now my problem:

    -1- Will post to my old address ( came through to my new domain?

    -2-Will I bee able to answer from the same address, or will it be answered from my new domain. (ex

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    Default Re: Many domain- one page? Email?

    First things 1st.......
    You cannot change a domain name ( to
    Now if those names above are names of pages, then thats a diferent story.

    You can of course buy an additional domain name of your choice unless its already being used by someone else........

    I moved to BV/Vodahost and kept my original email address and others are now available to me through my free domain name which I received when I opened an account with vodahost.....

    Any more questions, then please post again....

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    Default Re: Many domain- one page? Email?

    Hi there...stressless here!
    I apologize for stepping in to this thread....but...can someone tell me how to edit the font on a header template so that I can add my own text fonts?

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    Default Re: Many domain- one page? Email?


    Greetings- You need to start this as a new thread. One- it helps for indexing and search purposes for others when they look to solve a similar problem. Second- it's called hijacking a thread or discussion and is against the rules.

    So - not big deal- just take a moment and start a new thread.'

    PHP- is a blast!

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