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Thread: Why is there no Blu woda school?

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    Smile Why is there no Blu woda school?

    I like blue voda.

    It raminds me a little about IKEA, and thats the best standard for any sevice providing company.

    But on IKEA everthing is made convenient for the customer.

    On blue voda one have to click fram page to page, tutorial to tutorial, in big cirkles alway coming back to were I started. I am 100% sure that one "" would bee apreciated. place with all info, sorted in three categories:

    a: new beginners

    b: old beginners

    c: pro

    (and no links that distracts the pupils)

    Do not let a webdsigner make the school, they know a lot about www, but nothing about teaching/humans.

    Best regards from anowi to the bluevoda boss.

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    Default Re: Why is there no Blu woda school?

    who needs a school when we have forums full of teachers ?????
    and any tool is only as good as its user.....

    If you have any problems after viewing the tutorials, please ask away.....

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    Default Re: Why is there no Blu woda school?

    I love the turorials they let me step by step. I started out with the turorial running in one window and blue voda builder on another and clicked back and forth as I did each thing.


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    Default Re: Why is there no Blu woda school?

    There really is no reason to get a bluevoda school, it would be pointless because then there would be no point in having a forum and no reason for tourtorials, its all part if the fun learning how to do it, and most of us are preety fed up of schools!!

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