Thanks to Bluevoda. I recently created a form in Bluevoda which I want to connect to the MySQL database using PHP. On creation, when I double clicked the form wizard, among the tabs I saw is the one where to set the database connection, which I did. This image shows the details. On the general tab of the wizard I input my connection string file name in as the action file (index.php). The image shows the details. My surprise is that no connection was made. I know very well as a newbie, I have not gotten the right way of getting it done,this is my very first time. Please, could anybody help me with a crash course in doing this? kindly save me the headache. Thanks. God bless in Jesus name.

my PHP code is thus:
PHP Code:

// Database Variables (edit with your own server information)
$server 'localhost';
$user 'root';
$pass 'mypass';
$db 'apps';
// Connect to Database
$connection mysql_connect($server$user$pass$db
 or die (
"Could not connect to server ... \n" mysql_error ());
 or die (
"Could not connect to database ... \n" mysql_error ());