probably by the title you guessed that I am relatively new to php. I need help setting everything up. I have not got a clue where to start. I think I will start by letting you know what all this is for. I have an access database that we use as an appointment booking system. this system houses all the client details, purchase history, treatment history and future treatments. I am wanting to create an online booking system for this. this is where php comes in. I have a couple of websites that where 'off the shelf'. blue voda(very easy to use) and oscommerse(website in a box). fisrt of all I don't know wether to store the tables in php my admin or to keep them on the relevant desktop pc and use a server to communicate the data. 2nd once that is sorted I need to begin construction of the web pages that will guide my clients through the online booking and their own records. how do I do all of this. I think that once someone gives me a 'leg up' then I can fly on from there. im very sorry for this to be in one sentence rather than paragraphs but my return does not seem to work on this website. if I am asking the wrong forum(if it is more access domain) then please let me know. thank you