Iím having trouble with video. When I use any of the media in the BV toolbar the controls donít show up, plus the whole youtube viewer wonít show up in preview or publish..
I have set up a few of the media on a page so you can take a look and see whatís going. www.valleywidenewspaper.com/movieplayers.html on the windows media player and plugin it comes up with a blue box, if you click the box it will play the video.( but no controls, start, stop, play ect )

When I insert the youtube viewer and preview it, youtube viewer does not even show up in preview or published.
But if I use the youtube viewer on the BV toolbar that plays the BV URL that works. Insert my URL in there and nothing. I also tried inserting the embedded HTML code from youtube but it wonít show up.
I tried adding new pages to the site to test out the video, but same results
Maybe some files got deleted?