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Thread: Re-create existing BV website as WP site

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    Default Re-create existing BV website as WP site

    my BV-built website has been online for nearly six years now and is relatively successful, with approx. 1,000-2,000 visitors a day. Unfortunately, it doesn't generate as much extra income as I'd like to see, and I think it's got much more potential due to its content. Also, the number of visitors used to be much higher (up to 3,500 visitors a day) until a year or two ago, which I assume is because my static website doesn't look sufficiently "good" on different computers and is little "user-friendly" only. Also, with more web users going online with tablets and smartphones (where my website imho looks rather useless as it is) I think I'm really at a disadvantage with the current BV-built site and its looks/design and restricted functionality ...
    To cut it short, I think I'd be much better off with a dynamic WP-created site which I assume would also make it easier to create a user-friendly mobile site. Of course, updating my site regularly - without having to move text areas, images etc. up and down manually whenever I change the text content, or make any change to the menu sidebars individually on all of my approx. 70 sub-pages - would also become much easier I guess ...
    So, how do I go on about this best?
    Note: I would like to keep the BV-built version of my website up and running until a new WP-created version would be ready to publish/upload. In other words, is it possible to a) keep my BV site online, and at the same time b) install WP (where?) and create a new WP-built version of my site offline, then finally c) publish the "new" WP site (content and URLs should be the same) and so-to-say "overwrite" the previous BV version of my site??
    If yes, can I do this within BV (say install WP via Fantastico?), or do I have to/should download/install WP separately and use e.g. WAMP to create the new site offline before publishing it and "overwriting" the old site?
    I hope you understand my issues and what I wish to do, and can give me some advice on how to proceed best!!
    Thanks a lot in advance,
    PS: Other than using BV I'm definitely no web designing guru and rather a newbie at all that stuff

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    Default Re: Re-create existing BV website as WP site

    1. Leave your BlueVoda website in place .... for now.
    2. Create a Sub-Domain in your hosting account and install Wordpress upon that Sub-Domain.
    3. Configure that Wordpress installation to your satisfaction.
    4. THEN follow these Steps >

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