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Thread: Can I use MyISAM storage engine?

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    Default Can I use MyISAM storage engine?

    I have installed YARPP (Yet another Related Posts Plugin) on a Wordpress installation. However after getting it activated I got the following message. Is it safe to go ahead and make the changes?

    If so how would I do this?

    YARPP's "consider titles" and "consider bodies" relatedness criteria require your wp_posts table to use the MyISAM storage engine, but the table seems to be using the InnoDB engine. These two options have been disabled.
    To restore these features, please update your wp_posts table by executing the following SQL directive: ALTER TABLE `wp_posts` ENGINE = MyISAM; . No data will be erased by altering the table's engine, although there are performance implications.
    If, despite this check, you are sure that wp_posts is using the MyISAM engine, press this magic button:

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    Default Re: Can I use MyISAM storage engine?

    You should be seeking clarification from the Plugin Author and Wordpress Support Forums rather than these Forums ... use of any Third-Party Plugin's or MODs are always at your own risk.

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