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Thread: Create PDF Auto-Download?

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    Question Create PDF Auto-Download?

    I would like to put a pdf on my site that downloads automatically (or at least asks if the viewer wants to download) when it is clicked on. I've read all the instructions for doing so, but all I can do is to get the pdf to display....not download. Any help? Hope this is the correct forum....if not, please direct me. Thanks so much.

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    These days, "forced" auto-downloads are mostly seen by browsers and most systems as an "attack" by malware, and typically are blocked outright or simply results in a User Warning. This is why User Election ("choice") is important to preserve, and why programs such as Adobe have included by default the function of whenever a cursor moves on a PDF, the PDF Toolbar displays, and prominently shows the SAVE Icon for Users to "Save A Copy" at will ... the normal process of PDF management.

    To prepare an auto-download, you will likely have to use a specialty script (which you can select from the results of an online Search), and install that upon your BlueVoda-created webpage using the standard methods outlined in the Tutorials.

    A second option is to create a standard BV Method Download with a "Notice" via a Navigation/Download "Button" as an 'onclick' link:
    <a href="" onclick="if (event.button==0) setTimeout(function(){document.body.innerHTML='Thanks - Your Download Is Processing'},500)"> Start automatic download! </a>
    The benefits of this 'onclick' method is pure simplicity (as a non-coder) when working with BlueVoda, and the fact the "Notice" appears as a convenience to Users that are entirely impatient for downloads and other aspects of "using" a website, thus will be more inclined to award your site the elevated trustworthiness that is reason to return with confidence.

    * This discussion might prove additionally inspirational.

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