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Thread: need to delete Wordpress

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    Question need to delete Wordpress

    I created a Wordpress blog a few years ago but stopped using it. I want to completely eliminate the software. I keep getting spam email asking for admin approval. I never intend to use the blog again. One issue I'm having is I cannot remember my login info. None of it. Not my password, not my user. I usually keep all that written down somewhere but can't find the info. Isthere a way to get rid of Wordpress via the cpanel? Or is there SOME way to get rid of the blog?

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    Lightbulb Re: need to completely delete Wordpress

    In cPANEL > FANTASTICO > WORDPRESS (which will show all instances of Wordpress installed in your hosting account) > SELECT The Particular Installation You Wish To Uninstall > UNINSTALL.

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