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Thread: Adding Link to Background

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    Question Adding Link to Background

    Is it possible to turn background image uploaded in Bluevoda into a clickable link ? Any ideas?
    I know I can do it using transparent shape property with link, but would appreciate some other solution for this issue.

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    Default Re: How to turn background image into a clickable link?

    I believe that if you enter the picture as image instead of making it background through page properties,
    and position behind of all ...
    You can make it with properties of the image !

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    Exclamation Re: How to turn background image into a clickable link?

    You are strongly discouraged from making any page background element an active Link, as this not only is a confusing action for visitors to any page, but is also considered "Link Spam" by the Search Engines as they attribute values to each page and the Site overall (even if the Link "delivers" to another page within the Site -- and never as an 'outbound link'), for it is not a genuine navigational device as defined by the Page Code.

    It is true that you can place a static image behind everything to appear as a "background," but the SE Rules determine exactly why a true Background (a color or an image uploaded via Page Code) does not allow itself to have a Link during the normal Background configuration processes.

    You can do whatever you like, but do so at your own peril with regard to SE compliance.
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