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Thread: using robots.txt file?

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    Question using robots.txt file?

    On my website #2: almost all my visits are 1-page, that is my index page. I assume these are robots that can't get past my first page. If it's so how can I fix it?

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    Default Re: using robots.txt file?

    The proper configuration and installation of a robots.txt file together with a sitemap.xml file will establish the Rules for Search Engines and Robots to both cache completely and/or prohibit view of the pages of any website.
    This core website development concept is fully outlined in this thread.

    You can generate a compliant robots.txt and sitemap.xml file at this site.

    And, consideration must also be made that visitors that abandon your site after viewing the Index page may simply be leaving due to disinterest, their initial curiosity being satisfied regarding the nature and topic that is clarified on the Index page. This is, after all, why Content needs to be developed on each interior page according to strict Rules and format, so the overall Relevancy is obvious and compelling. Websites are not '"scr apbooks" and are not meant to be constructed using stark minimalistic attributes ...
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