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Thread: Removing Wordpress Install

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    Default Removing Wordpress Install

    I have installed wordpress with fantastico on
    As you can see there is no styling to my website.

    Also there are some other automatic scripts that install wrong, but i have removed them a while ago.
    I will update next time i use one.

    Is there anyway to install fantastico again on my account? Or update it?


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    Default Re: Wordpress error, along with some other

    Also if you check the Moodle install at
    There is a error with the database i guess....
    Sending a customer support ticket also.

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    Default Re: Removing Wordpress Install

    You should become more familiar with your cPanel, Fantastico, and Wordpress in general in order to properly address the issues you seem to be experiencing. There are Tutorials available to help you with this, but if you simply wish to delete your Fantastico-installed Wordpress, you will use this method:
    In cPANEL > FANTASTICO > WORDPRESS (which will show all instances of Wordpress installed in your hosting account) > SELECT The Particular Installation You Wish To Uninstall > UNINSTALL.

    Becoming familiar and navigating around cPanel
    >> How to use Fantastico in cPanel
    >> Wordpress Tutorials

    Keep in mind (per Forum Rules), once you submit a Support Ticket, that issue must not also then be posted in the Forums!

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