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Thread: adding a un-local price for shipping to the USA

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    Default adding a un-local price for shipping to the USA

    Hello everyone. I could use some help. When adding a new product in Soholaunch, there is a spot for Shipping Charge (A). I have set up my local shipping area to be Canada, and un-local to be the USA. However, I have no idea how to add a shipping price if my customer is having their order shipped to the States. I am told this is a "design issue" and to look in that forum, but again, cannot find that forum or other threads on this subject. Please help!

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    Default Re: adding a un-local price for shipping to the USA

    You should install the appropriate Soholaunch Plug-In according to your needs and capabilities.
    1. If you use UPS and wish to have real-time charges automatically populated for you according to Weight, package Size, and/or destination Zone, then this is the Plug-in you should choose >
    2. If you wish to simply post preset (fixed) shipping pricing based on Weight and/or Zone, then choose this Plug-In >
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