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Thread: How to create a free App for SmartPhones

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    Question How to create a free App for SmartPhones

    Hello My url is which is still being constructed. What I need is a smart phone app for free so my site can be mobile friendly. Can I make one from the bluevoda website builder? Regards Andy

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    Default Re: How to create a free app for smart phones

    Quote Originally Posted by artfuldodger View Post
    Hello My url is which is still being constructed. What I need is a smart phone app for free so my site can be mobile friendly. Can I make one from the bluevoda website builder? Regards Andy
    No. BlueVoda is a HTML generator, not an editor.

    I think you are somewhat confused about Apps, what they do (and what they don't do), and why they have nothing to do with how a website "looks" on a device of any sort.

    An "App" (Application) is an executable file that is meant to support and work independently of the limited function, thinly-coded browsers and RAM that phones and mobile devices traditionally must depend upon, and although they are written in an "abbreviated" form, they are formatted with a "responsive" display, making them visually appealing on any screen size. An App therefore, side-steps the limited functionality of mobile browsers and operating systems by providing the tight code to functionalize one "task" on its own, without chewing up the device's limited RAM.

    Typically, an App is created to perform a specific function, generally on an "interface" level, such as a User for your Bank account; deliver the latest weather from the local TV station; enable Player controls from your chosen music channel; dashboard for Stock account or real-time stock list program; interact with a specifically formatted shopping function; required to deliver formatted streaming; display video from a List; functionalize Login, email, or comments; fill in forms; active profiles or User Status and preferences; loop games or game-like controllers, etc. If this is the technical side of things you wish to resolve (to provide members with a suitably formatted video library, for instance), then an App is indeed what you should be looking into integrating.
    Do a Google Search to find one of the gazillions of App Editors, Free App Creator Tools, or App Providers.
    BTW: Nothing is ever really "free" .... you will be required to invest your time, effort, and funds (most require "free" Apps to be hosted by the creator and for you to "subscribe" monthly for use) -- or simply pay someone else to do it for you.

    If, however, you simply wish to properly prepare how your website "looks" on multiple platforms (especially smaller screen devices such as the SmartPhones you mentioned), this is a completely different aspect of designing a website, with completely independent solutions. The "static" (unchanging size) websites that are created using BlueVoda can be entirely pleasing to viewers if they are designed and formatted within the recommended parameters, thus eliminating the need to enlarge, scroll sideways, etc.

    * Of course, if you not actually requiring an App as described above and are struggling with the how to manually create the optimal format for a multi-device visually satisfactory website, there are always logical, effectual alternatives ... such as using Wordpress with a fully responsive theme or simply opting to provide Visitors with your own specially prepared "SmartPhone-ready" Content as in a traditional and economical format >> Create MOBI Webs With Blue Voda, just to suggest two of these logical alternatives ...
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