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Thread: bv working tonight 2/27/14

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    Default bv working tonight 2/27/14

    Gary Gaudin

    I have been trying to up load some items to my web pages and when I brought my site up in Google I saw a picture missing in header so I went to page in BV but when I tried to repast the image I clicked published and the square came up asking where to publish to and I clicked on it and the rectangle then came up and then nothing no green bar showing that it was uploading or anything. No error message then about 3 minutes latter it said published properly but when I went the page the re-pasting of the picture or other changes were not there in preview or on the web. I went looking through the forums and have not found a case like this. I did see where you are at BV14 here I am at BV21.1 so I downloaded it and install it but in the processes of installing it froze on trying to load template 9 So I'm wondering is the server down or is there a problem with my account or what. I did try more than once to get it to load but it froze at the same place every time.any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Gary Gaudin

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    Default Re: bv working tonight 2/27/14

    Hi, the usual cause of this is your browser caching, go to the page, hold the ctrl key down and hit f5 once to clear this. If the page still does not update, please submit a ticket with the URL of the page you are trying to update so that we may investigate.


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