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Thread: Creating a template for my background

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    Question Creating a template for my background

    Hi from Australia,

    1) Does anyone know how to create (or in what format to create) your own template in BlueVoda and then load the template as a back-ground in BlueVoda?

    It's driving me crazy.

    Please see my existing web-site

    2) I would just like to create 2-3 colour scheme for my background and I can't seam to do that in properties. Not talking about "Gradient" style.

    3) How do you correctly size the template before adding it? or how do size it in BlueVoda to load correctly in IE, Chrome etc?

    Look forward to your reply and please be specific.

    Thanks everyone.

    Take care

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    Default Re: Creating a template for my background

    Please learn to Search the Forums to find issues such as this previously discussed in detail.

    Here is one post that will likely prove particularly helpful >
    . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
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