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Thread: Intro and Dorway pages

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    Default Intro and Dorway pages

    I am hosting with vodahost
    When it do a SEO test for it tells me that I have an intro and/or doorqway page and that would be bad.
    When I do the test with it is fine.
    So it must have someting to do with redirecting to
    How can that issue be solved ?
    Best regards Thomas

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    Default Re: Intro and Dorway pages

    Remove any re-directs, and instead FORWARD the Domain "" to "" at the Domain Registrar Level (via the Domain Control Panel wherever you have your ".de" domain registered/where you purchased it).

    This will provide the seamless transition without attributing any values to the ".de" Domain which in turn makes the ".biz" Domain its "destination" page: being FORWARDED instead of re-directed removes any such conflict.
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