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Thread: seo issue or something else?

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    Default seo issue or something else?


    May visits seem to be dropping, if someone can take a look and see if they see anything
    jumping out at them, I would appreciate it.

    yes, I know I'm not on social media, also most of my searches are through google, have
    not optimized for yahoo (tried once and it didn't take)....these are issues that I will have
    to address at some point, but they have not caused too much of a problem in the past)

    My website usually comes up in the first page or sometimes the second page when doing
    searches based on my keywords.

    Any thoughts? or maybe I need a referral to another section of the vodahost forums?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: seo issue or something else?

    This is what I could find upon a cursory look, and what you might consider addressing first ...

    It may be your site has heretofore enjoyed artificial SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Ranking, possibly due to a lack of “competition” for the Keywords or niche you are promoting. If more recent sites are using the same Keywords, Theme, or Relevance, your site will undoubtedly be ranked lower in that comparison due to the following site creation errors that dramatically prohibit Search Engines from attributing any real values to your site:

    1. You have no properly composed Index Page Content (snippets of Text serving as labels of images or independent "captions" add nothing). You are allowed up to 1,000 words of Page Content upon which to establish Page Relevance, although it is only the first 350-500 words that rank most important to the Search Engines. The Index page is the most important page of a website, as it needs to both "introduce" the site wholly, and to provide the means of navigating within the site according to the manner in which you provide a synopsis of the site's content and interior. For a simple example, the website Index page needs to be just as the Index page of a book: an ordered glimpse to what is inside, and an cogent introduction to the overall site itself. If there is no Relevance established on the Index Page, the Search Engines assume the remainder of the site is similarly undeveloped. Without any specially composed relevant Index Page Content, the Search Engines are forced to discount the entire site and Domain, usually as a result of placing more artificial emphasis upon any remaining Core Page Elements (which in your case, are non-existent or poorly created) and the overall negative "score" from such maligned focus.

    2. Without any Page Content, there is no way to implement H-Meta creation, that being the ordered H-Tags created upon the Textual Content that both highlight established Page Relevance and Continuity throughout the site, differentiating pages and Contextual Emphasis. H-Tags (or H-Metadata) is an essential element for establishing Page Relevance and completion of Textual Content Development according to the basic Core Elements standardization recognized by Google and all other browsers.
    *H-Meta must never be applied to interior pages if not properly applied first to the Index page Content.

    3. Less than ˝ of the images used on this most important “Home Page” are properly configured with Image Titles, and these few Image Titles are incorrectly configured, meaning the Search Engines not only ignore any Relevance value, but flag them as instances of non-compliant Build elements.
    *For example, the following 9 images in the Main Slideshow are not Page unique (titled specifically with relationship to the individual Page’s Relevancy theme), non-uniform (titles are not similarly appearing or compliant), contain blank spaces (always use a hyphen or underscore), are not page Relevant, use capitals rather than lowercase letters exclusively, and include symbols (when they must not) :
    images[0]="./images/Beachhouse_Sundeck 1.jpg";
    images[1]="./images/banana flower by Raul (400 x 600).jpg";
    images[3]="./images/Mark and Buffy kayak.jpg";
    images[4]="./images/bal view 2 (600 x 450).jpg";
    images[6]="./images/South Beach 1 (600 x 450).jpg";
    images[8]="./images/Maricao Salto Curet 1 (400 x 300).jpg";
    images[9]="./images/Lemon_Nori_Tofu 2.jpg";
    * In addition to the errors in Titling the Slideshow images, all the remaining images on this one Page are defaulted to auto-ID creation by BlueVoda, which assigns them a unique “BV” title rather than a properly created (and Relevant) Title the Search Engines can use, one example of which can be seen here:
    <img src="images/bv01222.jpg" id="Image1" alt="" align="top" border="2" style="width:59px;height:61px;"></div> (this is the image of what looks like an orchid flower, and you can see in the line alt="" meaning no Alt Text)
    To correct this auto-ID by BV, you must de-select this option in the BlueVoda Publish Dialog Box Prior to publishing, but only IF you have properly Titled the image first.

    4. There is no evidence that Alt TEXT has been properly used for any Image, further reducing any SE valuation and demonstrating lack of compliance of SE “Build” Expectations. Each Image in addition to a properly created (no blank spaces, no symbols, no capitals, etc.), Relevant, and meaningful Title, should also have expanded Relevance created by properly attaching unique Page-Relevant and compliant ALT Text that the SE’s not only value, but fulfills browser and Meta functions (browsers for the visually impaired “read” the ALT Text out loud to ‘describe’ the web page, as well as those ALT Text descriptions “match” the archived Meta of the Page). ALT Text is not simply something insignificant to be ignored.

    There are some other smaller issues that need be addressed in the construction of your site, but they pale when compared to the errors made when creating these Core Elements. It does take a fair amount of focus to detail when building a website, and not all the essential methodology is concentrated on precise alignment, making slideshows work, and making Links function the way you want them to. I hope these first areas of concern being pointed out make a big difference in seeing how everything needs come together in one cohesive web page if it is to merit the all-important value and attention by the Search Engines.

    Looking forward to your refinements and re-capturing the SE Status you will deserve!
    . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
    * Success Is Potential Realized *

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    Default Re: seo issue or something else?

    Thank you for your input. This gives me a lot to work on.
    I wonder one thing, though.....until about six months ago, I was getting enough inquiries, etc. to keep
    my business rolling. (in spite of all the errors, which have been as they are for a few years, I believe)
    Is there something that happened out there during the spring? Maybe a change in google,
    or whatever?
    Meanwhile.....I've got to get to work!
    thanks again

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    Default Re: seo issue or something else?

    No ... no changes of that late date. It could be, however, that Search Engines other than Google took longer to come in line with the changes made earlier, but there is no real indication of when it all came together.

    Good Luck!

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