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    Is there a way to make my BlueVoda website a responsive site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwelveBeads View Post
    Is there a way to make my BlueVoda website a responsive site?
    No. BlueVoda generates "static" coded websites, and you need to have the "Responsive" (used to be called "Fluid") layout pre-coded. You will have to choose a platform like Wordpress, Joomla, mambo or another to apply a responsive Theme (or "Skin"). A Google Search will turn up hundreds of Responsive Themes for each platform, many Free.

    There are alternatives, if you have some skill modifying Code (HTML, HTML5, PHP, etc.), as you can purchase a pre-configured Responsive website Template for around $100. Just Search for one that has the layout and features you're looking for, as changing the colors, fonts, and such is quite simple.
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