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    Default Blue Voda Help.

    Hi, Wonder if anyone has this problem. I can open every page for my website apart from my index page. As soon as I go to open that page the whole of Blue Voda closes down. I have removed the application and downloaded a new one but still have this problem.

    My website is so near being launched and I cannot get to my index page to do necessary work. Any ideas anyone please?

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    Default Re: Blue Voda closing down.

    Seems unlikely that opening your saved "index.bvp" file within BlueVoda poses an issue by itself ....

    1. Are you attempting to open just the one file (not after opening multiple other files)? Sometimes when too many pages are opened in BlueVoda, system resources (RAM) are strained, and rather than your system being prompted to notify you that "Virtual Memory needs be increased," BlueVoda simply 'protects itself' by shutting down.

    2. You are sure that you properly Saved the "index.bvp" file (saved by BlueVoda as a ".bvp" file) and not modified by you in any way)? If you have opened the file via Notepad or another program, tried to Save the file with another extension prior to properly Publishing via BlueVoda (during which BV properly decrypts the '.bvp' file and generates formatted HTML), or have made any edits to the file not using BlueVoda, the file itself will not be recognized or opened.

    Without the ability to look over your shoulder to see exactly what your BlueVoda has saved (the Folders, Files, etc.), it is impossible to troubleshoot further. If your issue persists, create and submit a Support Ticket to see if there is a possible solution (you don't have to be a Registered Hosting Customer to submit a Ticket).
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