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    Yes, I studied the tutorials. (Which are somewhat ambiguous...)
    I'm assuming that the same concept outlined there works for a specific page not only for the whole site.

    I used an already published and functioning page, cloned it and renamed it from "musiccentral" to "allmusiccentral".
    (Where do we create a "zip" file? Not a word...)
    I changed the file extension on the page properties to "zip". Since the instructions are not exactly clear about this I also added the .zip to the end of the new name. (Tried adding bv, etc. no good).
    I saved the page like that then published it - by the way, where to?... To the Blue Voda files or to All Files? Since it's a .zip I published it to All Files.
    What I ended up with is: , NO GOOD. (It resides, as a .zip file, in my BV / All Files folder and clicking it loads up the page properly. ALL OTHER ATTEMPTS FAIL. ("The Archive is either unknown format or damaged"). It's also in my File Manager as "" (Tried other pages - same result.)
    F- minus for me...
    Help, anybody?
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Downloadable Pages

    Hi, You would first need to zip the page, you cannot change the file extension to .zip, this would not work. In order to zip a page you would need to get a program like winzip or winrar. Once you zip the file, upload it to the server with BlueFTP:

    And then you would create a link to the zip file from one of your pages:


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