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Thread: Lightbox caption position

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    Default Lightbox caption position

    I have used a separate lightbox for individual pics as these are all differing sizes (with a purpose.)
    I have listened to the vid and also sought an answer on google.. however I am non the wiser so please assist.
    I would like the captions below the images, added in the light box set up - to be closer to the base of the image to which said caption refers.. I know there must be a way to do this but I cant find it. (the page was published only to resolve this issue it is not finished.)
    thank you

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    Default Re: Lightbox caption position

    You do not have the ability to modify the Lightbox Code, which is required to change the formatting.

    You can alternately perform a Google Search for a Lightbox or Image script that has the features you require to use instead.

    Keep in mind that using multiple individual Lightbox scripts for individual pictures unnecessarily burdens the web page with very heavy code (Lightbox code is very large and cumbersome) that is likely to interfere with normal function. It is much simpler (and wiser) to simply use images in a single Lightbox, especially when the 'collection' is basically all the same in a single category.

    If you do not have a photo editor that will reduce image file sizes to no larger than 100kb ("optimized," for faster loading and crisper rendering) along with allow you to properly format (re-size, crop, and perform other basic functions) your images within obvious continuity, try the free PixResizer from Vodahost.

    * Why bother using Lightbox Captions at all? In your page, you would be better off simply using simple Text in a BV Textbox that you can float freely to whatever position desired as a "Collection Headline" or for multiple position labeling.
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    Default Re: Lightbox caption position

    Thank you - will change - as it is is not good enough

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