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Thread: Hyperlink error & Mobi site errors

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    Default Hyperlink error & Mobi site errors


    Recently I checked for "Crawl Errors" for my websites " & on Google and found 3 that I'd like to resolve. The first one has to do with my inability to remove a hyperlink that was created on the Community Forum to a fictitious webpage back in 2011.
    The thread was created on 9-10-11 by myself and responded to by Vasili.

    I submitted a support ticket on this but the response I received didn't help. This maybe something that only Vasili can remove.

    The next two errors have to do with the recent mobile site I set up using Vodahost's Mobi. Under the Smartphone Tab on Google's Crawl Error page these errors are showing up:
    mobile/fireinsurence.php & m/fireinsurance.php
    Since there is no file folder in cPanel for Mobi I don't know where these are in order to fix them. If anyone knows please let me know.


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    Default Re: Hyperlink error & Mobi site errors

    The aforementioned Link has been modified in the Forum response to a "non-conflicting" format, but that is all that can be done: the Link as archived by Google will take some time for it to fall off, and then only due to the constant re-archive activities that cannot be predicted nor influenced -- especially after this long time of being established.

    About your Mobi issues ... you'll have to wait for Gen Vodahost himself to help you out with that one, or you can simply create a Support Ticket for them to give you speedy attention!
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    Default Re: Hyperlink error & Mobi site errors

    Thanks Vasili!

    I guess I'll just have to wait for Google to do it's thing. It wasn't a big issue to begin with just something I wanted to fix.

    I actually did put in a ticket for the Mobi issues and did receive a few responses. Unfortunately the responses did not help. Not yet anyway...(a bit confusing).
    I'm just in the trial phase of Vodahost's Mobi website and, although I like the way I was able to create my site, I'm disappointed in the fact that I can't see the actual code or files on cPanel. I believe these are going to a different server that I'm not privy to. Would be nice to have access to these.
    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Hyperlink error & Mobi site errors

    Hi, you will need to open a support ticket for assistance with the mobile site builder if you want access to the page code!


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