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Thread: Proplem installing Webcalendar

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    Default Proplem installing Webcalendar

    From file manager I open 'public-html'.
    I click 'install'.
    I open 'index.php'
    shows file Url: http://mydomainname/install/index.php
    I open it & it shows : Webcalendar database setup
    ' your current database settings are able to access the database'
    I click database test settings, and it shows 'SUCCESS'
    I click 'save settings', and all is OK
    I click 'Launch Webcalendar', and it shows 'WEBCALENDAR ERROR' - 'ILLEGAL CHARACTERS IN LOGIN.'

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    Default Re: Proplem installing Webcalendar

    Did you remember to delete the install file? You really should let Fantastico install this stuff for you.

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