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Thread: My sincere apologies

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    Default My sincere apologies

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but i feel it needs to be said,
    A few months ago i was banned for comments reguarding new and old customers, and like many people these days to quick to criticize
    without first looking into the whole issue.
    Without vodahost's help and support my site became stagnant and i realized that there was no other company in the world that can offer or match Bluevoda.
    For all vodahost have done for me and my wife's site i feel total regret about the comments i made and for all to read.
    As i was quick to criticize, i want to be as quick to opologize in the public forum, not only to say how sorry im am but to thank vodahost for all you have done and for letting me back in the forums.

    I hope every member reads this if only to show that from time to time we will not always be happy with website problems etc, but no one else is trying harder or more dedicated to finding the solutions than these people.

    My sincere apologies to the Vodahost team,
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    Default Re: My sincere apologies

    Frustration and a desire to get on can make any one of do and say things that later we may regret.

    You have been big enough to apologize to the family so welcome back from the doghouse........

    Have fun.

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    Default Re: My sincere apologies

    You mean I missed a ruckus! Darn it all.

    Oh well. Welcome back and we'll see ya on the forum.

    PHP- is a blast!

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    Default Re: My sincere apologies

    oh andy tut tut always missing out

    welcome back and post lots of threads
    The get vasili to join our forum campaign has begun and our forum of fun also starring my hero vasili
    Weve got movies,arcade,radio,T.V,chat,music,funny vids,jokes and lots and lots of fun for free

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