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Thread: Can you use google analytics, Adsense, vodahost affiliate, etc on Blue Voda?

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    Default Can you use google analytics, Adsense, vodahost affiliate, etc on Blue Voda?

    I have been searching for a website builder that will fit my needs. I'm trying to build a small store with between 3-10 products. I would like to have a full page description and several pictures for each product. I already have a VodaHost account and have different sites that run soholaunch, Wordpress, elgg and etano. Soholaunch is actually a great program that will do everything I need however, I am only allowed one per hosting account and since all of these are a theme I want only one Cpanel.

    I have tried a couple of store builders including oscommerce but they seem to be set for stores with many products and very short descriptions. They also offer no home page, etc. I have also tried word press commerce themes but they tend to be the same.

    Blue Voda could be an option but nowhere in any of the tutorials does it mention anything about google analytics, Adsense, etc. It also seems to have a very limited pay option of only Paypal. So my questions... Is it possible to add custom code for Adsense, etc banners? If so how? How do you add Google analytics? Are there plugins or add ons that allow different payment options or an easy way of adding the above?

    If anyone out there knows of a builder that will do all of these things please let me know so I can check those out as well.

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    Default Re: Can you use google analytics, Adsense, vodahost affiliate, etc on Blue Voda?


    You can have all these things with BlueVoda, you would need to insrt the code given either into the page HTML or an HTML box. If you need assistance please open a ticket.


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