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Thread: Newbie with a simple question

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    Question Newbie with a simple question

    Hello all, i am new here.

    And yes i have a question for you all, i've just started using BlueVoda and im quite happy with what i've seen so far.. i've finished my homepage... but i dont know how to start creating the other pages for the site.

    Do i just click "new" or is there something else im supposed to do... someone please help, im very excited about this site im making and dont want these little annoying problems in the way.

    Anyones help much appreciated.

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    That's pretty much it. Check out the video on how to link pages. All of them are real good.

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    Save a page as a template if all the backgrounds are going to be the same, it will save a hep of time.
    Dont forget to edit your meta tags :)

    And what Vinny has pointed out > Video Link pages < heps of info

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