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    Sometimes its just nice to say something good about someone or something or maybe just a "thank you" to show your appreciation for a service well done.

    People are often all to ready to moan or complain but forget when it comes to giving thanks and praise or give credit where credits due.

    This is my "Thank you" to Vodahost web hosting and all its staff for the service they have given me over the last 6 months, many many many times I have needed help and they have been there for me with a helping hand, just an email away or on the forum and the best thing about Vodahost in my when you think it cant get any better, they come up with another treat for you!..This doesnt just happen once in a blue moon but very often, they are forever changing to make things easier for us thier customers and they do it so well.....they even have a sence of humour! lol

    Vodahost is more than just a hosting company, its a community of people who have a passion for what they do and a careing for the people they do it for. They go above and beyond and i'm very happy to have found them, my feeling is when people sign up to Voda all thier needs are met and so will stay forever if not longer! lol

    Vodahost really are the best

    Thank you ......Happy 4th of July ;o)
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    I came to VodaHost web hosting not knowing anything of web site building and just a novice at operating a computer. No one here will do things for you but they will all help you to learn how and why. With each new thing you learn, more doors of creativity will open. This is the right place to be for me and anyone new to this technical art form.

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