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Thread: Improve your ranking with web page titles

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    Smile Improve your ranking with web page titles

    Look at what the site developers are getting wrong !!!

    It totally baffles me when I see this:- %22

    28 Million web pages where webmasters have neglected to give the page a title!

    The <title> tag in a web page is arguably the most important element on the page as far as optimising your web site for search engines go!

    If you have done your research, you will know what the most important keyword phrase is for your website.... in other words, what people would type into a search engine to find you and your competitors.

    Page titles should reflect and contain your most important keyword phrase. A quick peek at the title bar on the ecademy homepage will reveal the title:- Ecademy - Business Networking - Connecting Business People

    Similarly, look up in the title bar now... the title: Web Page titles and their importance - Ecadamy

    I mention the second one simply because the second biggest mistake is having the same title on every single page of your website.... a big NO, NO!!

    Each individual page is different.... and generally focuses on something specific... for each page, you should think long and hard and actively research what would be best to use... what would be most common for people to type in so that your get targetted traffic to the page.

    Sometimes the most common is far to competitive. Terms such as 'web design' and 'mortgage deals' for instance, may be too big a fish to aim for, but you can dilute the terms a little to have more of a chance at getting listed highly. To use the above examples, you could broaden them as follows: 'professional web site design in Eastbourne' (yes, people do make searches like this)..... or ' the cheapest mortage deals'

    I hope this article helps you to not take your web page titles for granted.... they are given tremendous weight in search engine algoythms and neglecting to do your research when naming pages could seriously affect the level of traffic to your site, and obviously your search engine rank.


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    Default Re: Improve your ranking with web page titles

    Really good article and now I gotta go check and see If I have done that on my site for all my pages.


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    Default Re: Improve your ranking with web page titles

    Glad to see this article - is something I harp and harp on :)

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    Default Re: Improve your ranking with web page titles

    I have checked my biggest competitors in Mexico travel )mexconnect,andalemexico (hugh) or mundomaya. I have put their sites on a meta tag analyzer and if that is any measure of their sucess then I'm wondering " if you build it will they come?" or is there somethng more important, as the books in the ads on the hotlinking topic in this forum insist. Some of the competitors sites have) meta tag analysis) horrible keywords to page and description...horrible or titles irrelevant to page..nothing better than fair , one had 1400 keywords another 1200. Those are the words used by the analysers. Is this a valid measurement I am using or are you speaking of not the bots but only th choice of words b the potential readers who type in a search.

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