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Thread: Creating email accounts in Incredimail

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    Default Creating email accounts in Incredimail


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    Default Re: Creating email accounts in Incredimail

    I have watched the tutorials over and over again, and done as directed. I can still recieve mails but can't send mails. What could be the problem? It says "Failed to connect to the Outgoing server. Try it again later". I have done everything by the book, but it is still not working. Somebody help me, please.

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    Lightbulb Re: Creating email accounts in Incredimail - EMAIL, IncrediMail and Outlook 2003, Troubleshooting

    How To Import IncrediMail into Outlook Express

    IncrediMail Converter to Outlook 2003

    Free, Fast Outlook Settings Downloads

    IncrediMail Help Center: Email Settings, Outlook

    If you are consistently getting Error messages, it is a connection issue on your end entirely. Double-check your firewalls, security program, and setup: you may need to power down your computer and reset your router (if you have one) by disconnecting it for at least 1 minute, reconnecting, and then powering back up. This also allows Outlook to "Save & Set" your settings from the last session, and should now be part of it's standard operating procedures upon startup.
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    Default Re: Creating email accounts in Incredimail

    I am still having problem with my Outgoing mails. The error keeps coming that "the Outgoing mail server "" cannot be found. I have tried it in Incredimail and Outlook Express both, but the results are the same. I need help. The site is

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Default Re: Creating email accounts in Incredimail

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the info on setting up email account in Incredimail. I have done it over and over again, but the same error message keeps popping up. It seems there is no connection with the Outgoing Server. What should I do. The same thing happens when I used Outlook Express. I need help

    Thanks once again for your help

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