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Thread: Confused re: domain name registration

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    Default Confused re: domain name registration

    I'm considering Vodahost and am confused about the cost of domain name registration. On the Vodahost homepage it says domain name registration is free. Other places state $19.95 a year.

    So if I want the Premium hosting package and need to register a new domain name, what would be the initial charge, and then the yearly charge thereafter?

    Thank you!
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    When you sing up for a Vodahost web hosting account you will recieve one
    Completely Free domain registration. This is from

    But, some people do not want web hosting or a website from

    They only want a domain name and a matching email account.. Thats why we
    have also established where we just sell domain

    We have something for everybody.
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    Default Paying for domain registration.


    I have just set up my Vodahost Domains account but before I click the Purchase button I need one thing clarifying. Can I pay for my name registration via Paypal as I do my hosting account or does it have to be a credit card?

    No problem really I just need to know in advance so that I can balance it all.

    (Oh, and Stigdad, I highly recommend that you stop considering and sign up. I looked round for a long time before I found Vodahost and nothing even comes close. Plus, on top of all the great techinical jiggery, they supply you have this unprecedented help forum where your queries are - in my experience - always answered promptly and satisfactorily)

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