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Thread: Help... Two issues 1st one is shapes 2nd is fonts

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    Default Help... Two issues 1st one is shapes 2nd is fonts

    Okay i am brand new to you guys... i have two domain names - & - I have not bothered too much with the hitchhikinghorses, for now my main concern is getting the up and running, it is my first website, and is for a good friend of mine. I had it going on MS-live that was not a good place - so now I switched to Blue Voda..
    Okay the people at blue voda - just reset my account back to scratch - long story but now I'm ready to publish again, only I am afraid to republish my pages because of these two issues...

    1) my shapes were changing colors on me - Not good... where it was suppose to be dark red it turned gradient green & where it was supposed to be gradients green it flipped to dark red… and so on... how do I fix that?

    2) 2nd problem is my fonts don't come up properly on all computers. How do i fix that? - my title "C and C Shires" comes up in a different font on my other computer and is huge and ugly... but looks fine on the computer I've created in on. Please help me. I don't want to show the person I am doing this for when she pulls it up her computer and have the fonts displays ugly and out of place that won't be good.. Also If I want to show off my website and they pull it up with the ugly fonts and the colors missed-matched they won't think I'm any good at designing - How embarrassing
    I'm hoping you guys can help me... Becky

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    Default Re: Help... Two issues 1st one is shapes 2nd is fonts

    mite be a good idea to place a link of your site on here so we can see for our selves , it might just be your other p.c doesnt havee those fonts on its system that you are using try using a more common font like ariel?
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    Default Re: Help... Two issues 1st one is shapes 2nd is fonts

    Allstar has a point, it could also be the diferent monitors......

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    Default Re: Help... Two issues 1st one is shapes 2nd is fonts

    1. I'm not sure what you are refering to as "shapes". There are a variety of things that can happen that may change the colors.

    ]So far as I know these are graphics such as giff, tiff, jpeg they should not be affected. If they are custom elements in the web page itself these are controlled by either code (html, dhmtl, php and so on) or most usially in .ccs (cascading style sheets). I'm no expert but my css (sylesheet.css) turns ugly colors if I forget a ; (semi-colon) or if the hex definition of the color has 2 ## marks. (In that case it is just a code error. See specifically for excellent reference to stylesheet /hex color definitions. excellent web site reference. ( Oh and go to, search for "hex color picker" and choose/download one of their shareware or better yet free hex color pickers that can help you pick better colors for those pesky web color clashes when they happen.)

    The font issue might be easier. It depends on what you are using for shopping cart ect. Dig around in your file structure for web site, ther should be a folder named "fonts". In that folder you will find file names like tahoma.ttf
    helvetica.ttf. The important thing is to find the *.ttf folder location for your configuration on BV.

    Let's say your missing Arial.ttf and you want to add your special holiday font too. Just upload (from your home computer or the old server computer) Arial.ttf and Holiday.ttf to the Font folder on your BV. Reload your page and that should work. Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Help... Two issues 1st one is shapes 2nd is fonts

    Check your colors on another computer, if they changed it could be you are using 16bit or 32 bit for your dispaly.
    Fonts, not everyone has the same fonts loaded on their pc's. You may have to save your header/title as a gif or jpeg. I used photshop to make my header, but you can use MSN Paint or download

    Couldn't open yr sites.

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    Okay.. Thanks for the helpful tips, but I guess unless you can SEE what I'm talking about, you won't be able to help me -

    Please keep in mind I'm all new to this - I have crash coursed the Blue Voda and its web builder tools in less then just this past 2 weeks... So if at all possible, when helping me take it slow I am still learning this new web language etc... I am not writing any real HTML code I am copy & pasting it though (like my photo slide shows etc.) & the shapes I’m talking about are automatic drag & drop in the Blue voda web builder… I just click on it then its properties and pick a color…

    (I am trying to insert or attach a photo of the screen shot of what I'm talking about, but how do i add / attach the photo here??) The photo I want to attach is in my computer not on a website. - For now, You can't see my website yet because I have not republished it yet I want to fix it first then publish it.

    Oh, by the way Allstarfaces, I clicked on the links you have listed above. two out of three work the third one
    is all files.. I had that happen to me. I guess they said I published to the wrong place so they reset my account back to scrach. and or the index page is not published right. (I had major files uploaded would have taken hours to delete them all by hand) Now I know where to publish to, but am afraid yet until I fix my pages I don't want the gal i'm doing this for to see it when it dosen't pull up like I designed it to. here will be the website (when i publish it that is):

    Update... guess somehow it is published at least the first page (index) however, I have had trouble geting any page to publish it is always saying error, or "not responding" & i have to shut doun and reopen the page and start over. I was told by the suport people to use the ccleaner at I did that, but it didn't really help any with the publishing... any suggestions? still errors as not responding...

    Ishhh.... now I just have files again when I try to pull it up!
    ! Why is this happining to me???

    Oh hey…. I figured out how to make an attachment so I've attached that photo screen shot for you to see…

    The HTML code is created automatically by itself I just drag & drop the shape then click on it's properties and change the color... after publishing it - it switches the color Top header rectangle is suppose to be green gradient - the color box under my photo of the colt is suppose to be maroon but it turns gradient green And sometimes the header turns maroon and not the green I wanted.

    This is the HTML code that comes automatic with drag & dropping the shapes in Blue voda web builder: I don’t know how to type HTML code by myself yet…i cancut & paste.

    <IMG src="bv01002.gif" align="top" alt="" border="0" width="1262" height="183">

    <IMG src="bv01012.gif" align="top" alt="" border="0" width="432" height="345">

    This is the HTML font – it too comes automaticly after I drop in the text box click on what type font I want etc… I don’t want an ulgy plain font like Aria for my title – I need a classy look ..

    <FONT style="font-size:96px" color="#000000" face="QuigleyWiggly">C and C Shires</FONT>

    <FONT style="FONT-SIZE:22pt" color="#000000" face="QuigleyWiggly"> Fine Shire Draft Horses<BR>
    &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &amp; Shire-Paint Cross Sport Horses</FONT>

    Anyone out there that can- Please, Please help me !

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    Default Make that 3 issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Beck
    Ishhh.... now I just have files again when I try to pull it up!
    ! Why is this happining to me???
    Make that 3 issues...

    You do not have an index page. You need one. Please click the below to learn more about naming your pages..


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    Default Re: Help... Two issues 1st one is shapes 2nd is fonts

    I might step in to mention that if you are using Blue Voda as the website builder, then everything created within it is Windows-based, and will correspond with every color presentation exactly whenever the webpage is brought up in Windows......the only minor variance MIGHT occur when viewed with ***** (not the newer ones with PC built in). Posting HTML and looking at a solution that way is pointless, as the answer lay in the manner the editor - BV8 - is used....steps can be corrected by "process"...I personally am not aware of anyone who is writing their own CSS or HTML and using BV at the same time....

    In the same vein, you must be aware that when using Fonts, most visitor computers are not configured with many of the styles and elements you might have loaded into yours. Whenever visitors arrive at your web page, their monitor will display (translate) whatever unknown item into the closest image on the HD available. Basically, TimesRoman, Verdana, Arial, and even Comic are considered "universal" and acceptable for 'across-the-board' composition. Thus, to allow everyone to view the intended published web page in the same manner, it is suggested you convert the "font" into an image via (again, "universally available") Publisher and insert it into BV to stablize it for visual appeal. **I must reiterate that when converting text to an image, the best results regarding resolution and accurate background tinting are achieved as a JPG and NOT GIF extensions as discussed elsewhere. Try both to see why this is true! >>Hint: Make your fonts/text box larger than the size you know you need, so when complete, you can reduce the size of your image, which also reduces any "fuzziness" that may be initially apparent....see below also :*****en, despeckle

    In Publisher, (as suggested) merely create a text box with the desired background color (they will match perfectly to BV tinting), and save as .jpg named accordingly. Using any photo editor, you can then crop, despeckle, and *****en your new 'logo' image prior to resizing it manually to the exact size you need. DO NOT "stretch" or manipulate the image in BV when laying out, as it will deform. If needed, go back to your saved sized image, re-open in your photo editor, and manually change sizes again....steps, but steps that will prevent much frustration with poorly performing images and efforts.

    If you don't have a photo editor, try using the one available from VodaHost:
    pix resizer >>

    I hope this helps a bit, at least to also illustrate some logistics about using BV....
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    Default Re: Help... Two issues 1st one is shapes 2nd is fonts

    Thank You ... I am working on creating the photo JPG version of my header and the color boxes for behind my pictures..
    However I still don't understand why the colors changed on my shapes after publishing - I was using the shape button in the blue voda web builder... But If I have to NOT use that & use a JPG photo of it - I guess as long as it works huh?

    But one more Question: Why am i having trouble publishing it keeps freezing says "not responding" This is why I didn’t have an index page up, it wouldn’t publish it.
    (finally it did but with the problems I’m now correcting with the JPG)

    I had rebooted, used the ccleaner, turned off the firewall. Nothing seems to work. It takes about a hundred tries then finally if I’m lucky, it published successfully.
    This can't be how it is meant to work... this is way too hard.
    However it will be a an hour or so before I try to republish -my account has been set back to scratch again- so there is nothing there right now...

    Thanks again.. i will write you guys when i publish so you can see it. & Hopefully it publishes with out too much trouble this time!

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