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Thread: Some pages publish, Some don't? Help Please!

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    Cool Some pages publish, Some don't? Help Please!

    Ah, the learning curve!! it can be quite exasperating!

    My name is Judy and I hail from both Austin TX, and Maple Ridge BC, Canada and I am a "Virtual Real Estate Entrepreneur".

    My domain is

    Here's the challenge I need resolved before I become unglued!!

    I have created my pages and published to the website using BlueVoda. Two pages just will NOT show up online. They are "Properties Available" and "About Us".

    I have double, tripple, quadrouple checked the URL on the documents and on the links and no matter what I do I keep getting sent to a page saying "Server Not Found", Firefox can't find the server at I have tested it in Internet Explorer too, and same. Page not found.

    But all the rest of the pages are fine! I even got my investor registration form working! Yippie! But these 2 pages have me exasperated!

    I have submitted trouble tickets. They have told me I have not uploaded the pages. I have. They are sitting there in the public_html file. With 24 hours at least, between responses, I am running out of patience. The promise of a website in a 1/2 hour has turned into 4 days and I can't afford the time!

    Please anyone!!! Do you have a solution?? Save me from insanity!

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    Default Re: Some pages publish, Some don't? Help Please!

    Check the spelling!
    on your properties and about us link you mistake spell. you wrote cashlessrealeststeinvesting instead of cashlessrealestateinvesting

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