The following article was published twice this week, once in the Las Vegas City Life Magazine:
and once in the Las Vegas Weekly Magazine:

The article is about the homeless people here in Las Vegas, Nevada. The homeless have been a growing problem here for years, and now Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman is taking action to eleviate the problem. The article below sounds like it was written by a militant supremist, however, it is a good way to protect our children and other loved ones from unwanted contact with strangers on the street. The article was written by William Tripston - Commentator on Sin City Radio, Las Vegas -
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Everybody seems to be worried about the homeless people these days, and the problems we face because we're forced to coexist with those who exhibit primeval social behavior, but little or nothing has been offered in the way of a solution. Well, I have spent the past six years roaming the streets of downtown Las Vegas, going about my daily affairs, and I have seen and heard everything that goes on in this city we call home. Believe me, I know what a pain in the ass the homeless people can be when they beg for something they want. Especially when the majority of them are able-bodied and capable of working full-time jobs just like the rest of us do.

As for myself, I don't think that the homeless problem will ever go away. There are just too many bleeding hearts out there who continue to supply the homeless people with their basic necessities; and again, there are those tourists (homeless sympathizers) who give away their spare change to panhandlers on the street who then buy drugs, alcohol and tobacco. This perpetual, free-flowing charity is what's robbing homeless people of their motivation and self-respect, and what's keeping them in a habitual state of codependency.

Here is my solution for solving the problem we face from street beggars. We need to pass an ordinance here in Las Vegas that would grant us the rights to our own personal space. For example: A certain color of jacket, shirt, hat or armband could be worn in public as a warning to potential panhandlers (and anyone else on the street) that we do not wish to be disturbed or approached by strangers! Those who would violate this new personal space ordinance would be at risk of being ticketed or jailed.