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Thread: Creating a new webpage in Soholaunch

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    Default Creating a new webpage in Soholaunch

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    Default Re: Creating a new webpage in Soholaunch

    When installed, Soholaunch automatically creates a Home Page for your site. To create new pages, select “Create New Pages” from the main menu (Page Editing Group). You may create up to 10 pages at a time, and there is no limit on the total number of pages that can be created for your web site.

    If you are using the “Menu Display” navigation system, the names you chose for your pages will be displayed on your menu buttons, and will be viewed by your site visitors.

    Type the desired page name(s) in the Page Name column, and make sure the page type is set to “Menu Page,” as this section is dedicated to normal content pages. The other page types (Newsletter, Event Calendar, and Shopping Cart Attachment) will be discussed in later chapters.

    Page names cannot exceed 22 characters, and can only consist of letters, underscores, and/or numbers. Dashes, ampersands and other characters will be filtered out.
    If you do not wish to create 10 pages, simply leave the other page name fields blank. Click the “Create Pages” button to create your new pages. When your pages are created, you will be directed to the Open/Edit Pages Module.

    Note: Every site has a page named “Home Page”. This is created automatically by the system, and is the first page visitors will see when accessing web site. This page cannot be deleted.


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